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  吸式比重去石機主要用于糧食加工廠及飼料加工廠,從 稻谷、 小麥、大米、大豆、玉米、芝麻、油菜籽、麥芽等物料中去石也可從其它顆粒,化工塑料中去石,是現代糧食加工企業理想先進設備。
 Suction style specific weight stone remover is mainly used in foodstuff or feedstuff plants.The stone remover is able to remove stones from grains,wheat,rice,beans,corns,sesames,rapeseeds and malts as well as other granules such as chemical plastics.It is ideal equipment in modern foodstuff processing.
 Utilizing the property that the grains and the mixed stone have different specific weight and suspension speed as well as the airflow that is blown upward through the grains,the machine keep heavy impurity at the lower layer and uses a screen to force the material and impurity to move in different directions, thus separating the two of them.
  This machine employs vibration motor driving gears,which ensures stable operation, sturdy and reliable work, steady performance and low vibration and noise.There's no powder and it is easy to operate and to provide maintenance to it.
 The wind magnitude and wind pressure can be easily adjusted in a wide range with a displaying device avilable.A well-illuminated air suction hood is equipped,which ensures clear observation of the movement of materials.Besides,on both sides of the screen there are four holes available that make cleaning easy.The inclination angle of screen can be adjusted within a scope of 7-9°.Therefore,this machine is able to maintain stone-removing effect even the amount of material fluctuates.It can be used to remove the mixed stones in foodstuffs,grains,grease,feedstuffs and chemical products.



TQSX100x2 TQSX120x2 TQSX150x2
產量(t/h) 稻谷 5-8 小麥 10-12
稻谷 8-12 小麥 13-16
稻谷 10-15 小麥 16-20
配備功率(振動電機KW) 0.37x2 0.45x2 0.45x2
1200x1000 1200x1200 1200x1500
吸風量(m3/h) 6500-7500 7500-8500 9000-12000
靜壓Pa 500-900 500-900 500-900
負壓pa 1200 1200 1200
外形尺寸長x寬x高(mm) 1720x1316 x1875 1720x1516 x1875 1720x1816 x1875
風機型號(參考) T4-72 4.5A (7.5KW) T4-72 5A (11KW) T4-72 5A (15KW)
選用風管管徑 400-450 400-500 400-500
機重(kg) 500 600 800

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